Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tricks or Treats???! Staying safe this Halloween!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!
How is everyone doing out there?

I'm enjoying the change in weather (a little bit)... but also getting a little anxious about how dark it is becoming so early now...but I'm feeling like Fall is coming if I'm ready or not!?? Am I right?

I wanted to take some time to reflect on the first quarter of the school year as it's coming to a close. One thing I've been talking with my students a lot about is internet safety. This is the first year for them that they have their own devices 1:1 and they are exposed to the internet a whole lot. They are doing fantastic... however I always feel like I can do more... Like we can do more. 

Sometimes I Feel like I get so wrapped up in internet safety that I also forget that I {we} need to reinforce safety of all sorts with kids of all ages. So whether you're a teacher, a parent, or just looking for ways to reinforce safety with kids in your life..... this Halloween is the perfect example of a time to do that.  Need ideas???

I've got just the thing for you to get started with. Now, I know some of you won't need all of these tips if you have littles who won't be going off on their own Trick-or-Treating, but it's never too early to discuss with them what is expected of them, or what can keep them safe when they do go off on their own! 

Thanks to my friend Erik from Russ Darrow for sharing this graphic with me!

I'd love to know what other safety issues you discuss with your students or children at home?!  Please share!!!  Don't forget, as my 2 year old always says "Safety First!"

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!