Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Made It

Happy Monday!!! :)  2 more weeks until break.. my husband asked me this morning "Are you going to be able to wake up on your own next week???"  His break is in 1 week...oops! I didn't think about that.  Not cool! :)  I'm super excited today to be linking up with 4th Grade Frolics  for the first time for the weekly linky called Monday Made It!  I've been pretty busy making stuff at home lately, so I don't have any school things to share, but plan to do my best to get some going before I leave for maternity leave.  I'm loving this linky as it has inspired me to make some projects! I am always a fan of crafty things and school projects!

After making several banners for my friends bridal showers, baby showers, kids birthday parties and bachelorette parties, I had someone approach me from work to hire me to make a banner for their daughter's first birthday! This was the first one that I made from request and the first one I was 'hired' to do, so it was a bit nerve wrecking, but I think that it turned out great. I have a cricut machine so I use that to cut out all of my designs and letters.  Simply string and there you go---- instant decorations! Don't let me fool you though, from start to finish I have about 5 hours put into this banner.  It's not super quick, especially when there are a lot of parts.  I do love the final product though.

Her theme was Minnie! Please ignore my clearance frames in the background.. I wasn't sure where I was putting them so I decided to try them out first!

Here are two other banners I have made in the past for events as well---

I'm horrible at panoramic photos, so the middle of this picture is messed up, but you get the idea! :)

I've also recently made a message board for our house to put by the calendar.  I love using calendars, and I always keep track of what we have going on. In fact we have a Google calendar, I have a school calendar, and then a house calendar.....ok ok,  I'm slightly obsessed!  I like to use them, but it's easier for me to look at a week or so at a time.  So this was my weekly snapshot idea that I saw on pinterest that I decided to create. This could also be used at school as a calendar or message center!

It was super easy to make! I took an old picture frame that I had sitting around the house and scrapbook paper.  I decided to make it a 2-week look so I didn't have to change it every week.  I just measured the frame length ad width  so I could cut the slips of scrapbook paper to fit evenly for each day of the week times 2.  You don't have to use different colored paper, I just put this up in my pantry/laundry area by the garage door----so I wanted a pop of color.  The last thing that I did was stamp the letter on each page for the day of the week that it corresponds to.  With my dry erase marker, I've been putting the date above so I can keep track of where I'm at. I'm excited for how it turned out and I also have changed it every two weeks since I've put it up on the wall (which has only been for one week....)

The last thing that I put together and hung up this week was for the baby's room.  Being a teacher makes me crazy about books... my husband is also a teacher and so were both of his parents, so our soon to be little one has a FULL library already. 

We were given a very large crate of books from my husband's family.  Some of the books were even from when his dad was born 70 years ago.  We loved going through them all, but found there were a few that were quite fragile and old from wear and tear.  The three books that we loved but were scared to put on the shelf for fear that they would get ruined were Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, The Little Engine that Could,, and last but not least And to Think that I Saw It On Mulberry Street.  As you might be able to see by this picture, they are very old copies and early editions of all three books.  In fact, they are all only printed in a few select colors because of how old they are.  We thought it would still be neat to put them in the nursery so we made them into decorations.  I bought three shadow boxes from the craft store, and matted them with pieces of scrapbook paper.  We then carefully hung each book in a shadow box, careful not to compromise the covers or pages.  We used clear plastic book sleeves, for each corner and then attached with 3M hooks to the paper and plastic.  Instant room decoration and what's the best yet is I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get them custom framed!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to see what everyone else has been making.  Have a great week!


  1. I love your Minnie banner. We are having a Minnie theme birthday party for my grand daughters' first birthday. I might need to make a couple of those. I am your newest follower.

    Kinder Princess

  2. Your banners are beautiful! and I LOVE the idea of framing old books. I would've never thought of that, but now it's on my to-do list. I saved a few of my childhood favorites. They are just in a box under my bed. What a fun way to display and enjoy them, recalling all the memories! THANKS for the idea.

    Have a great week!

  3. What a precious idea to put the books in the memory boxes. What a special and unique display for the baby room. LOVE! Wow....the banners turned out great. Love the Minnie one the most. 5 hours is a long time, but so worth it because it looks fabulous!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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