Monday, January 5, 2015

Currently...Late (Again) and Anchors Away Monday

Happy 2015!!!
I'm back from a much needed
and wanted mini-break. 
We've had a lot going on in our family the past month,
so I decided to put some energy towards that. 
Unfortunately that meant that blogging needed to 
take a back seat....
Until NOW!

We're still working on finding a place to live
{We're currently with my parents},
which has been simply amazing, 
especially with the little one---
but it can't last forever!  
I'll be sure to keep you posted!

I'm linking up with 2 fabulous bloggers today.
First: Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for
her 'Currently' linky {that was supposed to be done on the first of the month....}
Better late than never, right???

Listening:  As I mentioned earlier, we're currently living with my parents after recently selling our house.  We have our own space, but it's not exactly away from all that goes on.  I listen to their TV every night from my bed, which is right on the other side of the wall.  I love the show "Love it or List it" though.. so it's all good!!!

Loving:  We just had our first Christmas with our little one.  He is now 8.5 months old and such an adventure each day. Christmas was so magical...just makes me wonder how much more fun next year will bring!!  It sure does give a new meaning to the holiday time when you have a baby. 

Thinking: For once I didn't go into school over break, which I think is a good thing. I'm pretty well planned this week, however I usually have a couple weeks going at a time... that is not the case right now.  I could use one catch up or work day in my classroom....  I guess I will settle for staying late tomorrow to get caught up. 

Wanting: We sold our house in early December with the plan to build. Some things went wrong with the land we were going to purchase and no longer will buy it.  So that means we are now at square one again. Not sure if we will build or buy... but right now we've got no leads. It's super frustrating, just because the planner in me wants to know what will happen.  :)  Anyone have a crystal ball?

Needing:  I got my nails done over Winter break for the first time since the baby was born.  I LOVE getting my nails done.. just no time these days.  So, I finally get them just the way I like them, and sure enough two days later one of my nails broke really low....and the manicure is ruined and also hurts! I need to just get it fixed again.  Ahhh the little things!

YES- This year I am searching for 'Balance'..... balance between being a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, teacher, etc.  I'm doing good, but I can do better! I WILL do better this year. 

MAYBE- I want to be less anxious about life... and just be adventurous more this year.  This is really hard for me, being such a planner and type A person.  I understand it won't happen over night, but taking baby steps in the direction of wanting it will be  huge start!

I WISH-  I've always wanted to be a wedding planner or have my own planning business on the side or during the summer months. I would love to do that!

Well there you have it!  Stop by Farley's Blog to check out some of what other people are up to!

I'm sharing a simple Telling Time anchor chart today with you!

I actually took all ideas from what my kids already knew and started there.  
We did the basics first like how to write the numbers on a clock, how to count by 5's around the clock, that there are 60 minutes in an hour, labeling the minute and hour hand, etc.  

After we were done, I posed questions to them to get the digital clock on the chart and then also to break the time up into quarters.  We talked a lot about vocabulary for this part, and that seems to be most tricky for them. 

What I like about this is that all on one page, are the basics of reading a clock multiple ways.  This has been up in my classroom since we made it and we've been going back to reference it a lot.  Obviously there are still more things that we discussed and made other charts for those... but I wanted to share this one, because it's been more helpful.  

Would you add anything to this anchor chart? I'd love to hear. 
Stop by Deb's blog for some great examples of anchor charts!

Have a great week! 


  1. Thanks for linking up, Ana! I love the anchor chart- especially the part where you split the clock into four quarters! Good luck with house hunting... that sounds stressful, but it will definitely be worth it in the end! I agree- Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when you have a little one of your own! Balance is a daily struggle for me, too!

  2. I'm currently living with my parents. I love it for my daughter's sake, but am ready to move! Good luck with your future plans! I love watching HGTV...but it makes me want a house even more. Glad to hear Christmas was great. It's amazing seeing things through their eyes. Hope you have a great week!

    Swinging for Success

  3. Hi Ana! I enjoyed reading about your time anchor chart. Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing.

    The Teaching Twosome

  4. Christmases are just soooo much better with little ones around!! Enjoy every last second- as I'm sure you will!


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