Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Slice of Life...Beginning a new year [#SOL16 Day 1]

Hello and welcome to a new adventure for me! I am a first time writer for the Slice of Life writing challenge!  Today is also my birthday and the beginning off my 31st year on Earth.  So with that, I'd like to share a few goals that I have for the next year to make it the best yet.

1- Strong--- Strong is my OLW for this year.  I want to focus on me as a person inside and out.  Physically and mentally and be STRONG! I've been doing a lot of great things so far, including working out with great people 3-5 days a week which has helped bring up my spirits! I want to focus more on the mentally strong as this 31st year continues. I feel writing/journaling will help with that.

2-Adventure--- Now that our son is almost 2, I feel that we're ready to get out there more and not be so scared of adventure.  Don't get me wrong, we've done plenty of new things as new parents with our little one, however I hope this next year is full of many more firsts in the adventure department.

3-Capture the Moments--- I love photography.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. and since life has gotten in the way it seems I haven't done much of it in the last couple of years.  This next year I hope to get back into my hobby and start capturing the moments around me, and living more in them.  The days go fast, so it's always great to look back and remember the little things.

What goals do you have for your next year?


  1. Happy Birthday, Ana! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there! I am excited to get to know you through your daily writing. Even a word or two can capture a slice of life...maybe even a photo slice.... You can do it! A goal I have for myself this year is to write well beyond March 31st. It's starts, just like any good habit, by making space. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so happy to continue to read your blog too! I'm really looking forward to keeping up with these posts. I even started a writing blog that is separate from this one to continue with the reflection and writing! :) I love your goal. I think I will do the same... or try to!


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