Monday, January 20, 2014

One Word Project

Happy Monday!  Today went by fast, I almost can't believe how fast.,. but we had a wonderful and productive day working together.  In honor of MLK we did a lot of reading and talking about the history behind what this day is all about.  My students were very expressive when it came to their discussions and it made me feel proud to have created an environment in which they were able to do so.  One of the big things that we did along with our reading and sharing was a One Word Project.

This idea came about from our most recent staff meeting.  My co-worker Jennifer, from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings shared this project with our entire staff with the hope that we can do it together.  After talking with her and reading how she did this with her 4th graders (check it out here) I decided that I would do something similar with my 3rd graders. We aren't all of the way finished with it just yet, so I will wait to share student words and work, but wanted to share my word.

Yes I know this is not just one word..... this was just part of the thought process that I went through with my students today to show them how to go about picking a word for their own.  Many of them were unsure of how to choose just one word, so I thought that starting with many and then picking the one that fits the best would be a good idea.  Sure enough it worked, and by the end their desks were full of words that we have written down! My word for the new year is BALANCE.  It was hard for me to pick a word so I did a think aloud with my students about things going on in my life.  One big 'thing' is that my husband and I are due with our first baby in about 3 months.  I then discussed words with students that are current in my life, and then started to talk about the baby. Balance came to mind because I know that with the new addition coming soon, I will have to shift my focus and begin to balance a whole new set of responsibilities. I'm scared as can be, but also excited for the many changes to come.  

Tomorrow as my students finish up their words and their projects I will share our final products with you all. I'm beyond excited to do so.... they certainly worked hard today, so I'm sure that the final products will be great!

Anyone out there thinking of doing this on their own, with their families or with their students? I would love to hear how you will take this idea and make it your own!  It truly is a great way to establish an attitude for starting a new year.  I'm excited to print out my set of words from above and display it so I can think back and remember how excited and empowered I feel right now as the year goes on!


  1. Can't wait to read your kids' work! This is a great project and I'm excited to do it every year.

    Success in Second Grade
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    1. Thanks Brandi!! The post is almost ready to share. I just need one more picture. I appreciate you stopping by to see what we're working on. I also am really excited to do this every year. It will be neat to see how the process may change based on the group of kids from year to year.

  2. So glad you are taking this project to your third graders! Is anyone else on your team also doing it?


    1. Thanks Jen! Yes I do have other team members who are doing this with their kids. Everyone is doing it slightly different. I think that's the coolest part. Be sure to stop down to see!! :) Thanks for sharing the idea.


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