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Weekly Round-Up 1.31.14

T.G.I.F...right???!!!!  Whew, what a week. I just finished a 3 day week after coming off of our 4th and 5th snow/cold days at school, and let me tell you what a whirlwind!  Don't get me wrong it was a great short week with my kiddos, however I just feel like I crammed so much into it.  For starters, I did change my plans up a bit to not be to far off as the weeks go by, especially with math.  I'm trying sooooo sooo hard to keep up with my math!  With our new expressions materials I want to try to get as much done as I can so I can get a better idea of where my kids need to end up. I've been so pleased with how hard they have worked, and I thank all of you who have sent emails and made comments about how it's going for you.  You've been so positive!  Thank you. I thought I would do a little update on how things went this week, especially since plans can so quickly change (even if they are in pen)!!

Here's My Weekly Round-Up.....

This week in math we started our new unit on addition and subtraction.  We started things out slow, but I was happy with what we accomplished.  I think it was a great way for students to review what they already know about addition and subtraction and also to reinforce some strategies that they may have forgotten. I started with my intervention group by playing a game.  It's called 'Race to 100--- and they loved it!  Students work with partners.  They need 2 dice, and base ten blocks.  They take turns rolling the two dice, and then adding the numbers together to get a total.  They then take the total from the pile of base ten blocks.  As they go back and forth the object is to add to their total but also making sure that they trade in their pieces as they go.  When they get enough ones to make a ten they need to trade them in.  The goal is for them to get to 100.

We also spent a lot of time talking about numbers and what their value is through proof drawings.

I was surprised at first to be doing something like this with 3rd graders.  I thought for sure they would be past drawing numbers into pictures.  It was very eye opening to see how they could easily draw out the numbers using the number grid dots and also without, however they did struggle with explaining how to add to the number.  For example if I gave them 123 to draw, and then asked them to add 19, they could add the ten and 9 ones, but then didn't realize that they had enough ones to add another 10.  We really worked on that a lot.  We practiced drawing and erasing from each place to symbolize regrouping (which we will be doing more of next week.)

Lastly, we worked with the secret code cards to show numbers in expanded and standard form.  We built numbers, practiced explaining what the numbers stand for and also practiced saying the numbers properly. Again, they loved it.... and wanted to keep going!  I'm excited to see how this helps next week when we actually use all of these things to try to add.

Finally, I have slowly gotten my TpT store up and running.  I was reluctant to do one, however I've gotten so many great things from this site, that I thought if I could help someone else the way I have been helped then why not??!!!  I'm very new to this, and still a bit scared, but I think that I've got a start.  I'm so impressed with how many things that I've found along the way and by the creativity of all you fellow teachers.  I hope to one day be up to the same standard.  Here are just a few things that I started with. Be sure to check out my store.  I'm working frantically to get things up and running from my literacy centers and literature circles!

Vocabulary Boxes- I use this in my literature circles with students who will be working with new vocabulary words.  I love it because it can be used both independently and in small groups.  It helps students explore new words to find meaning instead of just looking it up in a dictionary.  I have other variations as well, and will share as I get them up and running on the store.

Fable Organizer- We just completed a unit on fables, myths and folktales.  One way to assess students for me is to use this organizer on fables. They are familiar with story elements, so that part of this is a review which is always good, but it also focuses on retelling as well as finding the moral of the fable.  I like this because it can be used with any story.  You can pick a variety of fables at a variety of levels to assess student comprehension or you could use one fable for all students as a common assessment.

Word Race Game- Lastly this is a game that I put into my word word center from time to time or use with reluctant students on their spelling/sight words.  I like how you can change it up easily by adding you own words to the bottom, and also have the same looking game no matter what kind of words students are working on.  It's a great way to differentiate.  Students love it and have so much fun seeing what word comes in first place.

Like I said, I'm just starting out.... any suggestions would be great! I'm very excited to star this new adventure and I thank you for stopping by to check out what I have to share.  Have a great weekend! I'll see you tomorrow for student motivation Saturday... can't wait!

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  1. I've always taught my kiddos how to play race to 100 and they love it! Glad to see the proof drawings in 3rd. Hopefully with time the kids will get used to Math Expressions....and so will we!

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