Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spark Student Motivation---- Homework

Happy Saturday!!!  I have to say that currently, it's FREEZING here, and I have not had much motivation today at all, but am super excited to be linking up to share some student motivation tidbits. The polar vortex is in full swing again, and I'm reluctant to head outside.  I am happy that I got some motivation to share this post and also read some great ideas from this linky party! I'm linking for the first time with Head Over Heels for Teaching to show what I'm doing to 'Spark Student Motivation' in my classroom.

I've hit the point in the school year where I feel like we all need some motivation.  I can for sure see it in my students, and with the countless days of indoor recess and lack of fresh air and exercise I need to do whatever I can to keep things running smoothly in the classroom.  Something that I have started to do is a Homework Club.  In the past, I've done a homework club where a student would have to stay with me at a free time, a recess or even after school if they weren't able to finish any work at home that needed to be done. Let me tell you that got to be quite the production and more work for myself.  So I decided to flip around what I did for homework club to put a positive spin on it.  So I created a different homework club.

Each week students start with their number in homework club.  It's a club that they want to be means that they have done their homework each night! If they are still in the club on Friday before they go home I let them have a sweet treat.  I have a basket of jolly ranchers, starburst and smarties.  They get one, and LOVE it.  It's amazing how one little piece of candy can get them so excited.  I don't usually pass out candy so it's a special treat for them. Also, if I forget to pass out the treat, they will most definitely remind me! If they can keep their paw/number in for the whole month then we celebrate with a lunch date.  That's another easy/fun/free way to keep students motivated.  They sure do love to have free time or special time with you. I think it's been helping to keep homework coming in, especially at this time of the year.  I still have some students that I need to spend additional time with that don't complete their work --- but this has helped so much!

How else do you get students to hand in their homework or keep up with their reading?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I just introduced homework club to my class this week because they had been really slacking in turning it in. I told them that if they stay in it the whole month (I give weekly homework packets) then they'll stay in at recess for a treat and a movie. I'm hoping this sparks some motivation for them to get it done!

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  2. It is funny how one piece of candy can be so motivating isn't it? What ever works right?? I also think you're board is a motivational visual and a great reminder! I have a whole class homework motivator that I put on the linky a few weeks back that you might want to try too. :) Thanks for sharing and linking up Ana!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I love that you turned this around with a positive spin! As someone who will have your students next year, I really appreciate you taking the time to teach good study habits. :)
    I may be stealing this idea..... :))

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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