Monday, August 18, 2014

MMI- Teacher Friend Gifts & A Writing Prompt Book

Close to my last Monday of summer.
I have one more left. 
I really have been slacking in the MMI department lately.
I've got several projects started..... 
they just aren't finished yet. 

So today I'm linking up with Tara, from 4th Grade Frolics for
Monday Made It!

I'm hoping the other two projects that I have started will finally be up and running next week. 

My first made it is from my growing MUST MAKE list!
I started it at the beginning of the summer 
when everyone started sharing all of their great crafts!

She made these adorable letters for her pictures to pose with at the beginning of the year.  
I decided to make them too, just use them for a different reason: Gifts!!!!  

 Supplies: Cardboard letters from JoAnn Fabrics, scrapbook paper, and super cute buttons (which I did not use..... super sad day!) 

First I traced each letter on the scrapbook paper and cut them out. 

Then I painted each cardboard letter a different color. 

When they were dry, I put the construction paper on the to of the letters with decoupage.  That way the bottom was glued to the letter and the top of the paper will be protected.  

 I thought I would add a button to each letter, however it just didn't look right.
 Too busy I guess. 
So now I have 5 super cute buttons to do a project with. 
 Any ideas???

Secondly, I finally updated something that I've been using in my classroom for my writing center. 
My prompt books were outdated, and falling apart! 
I also was finding that I needed more of them.
I've shared this quickly before, but now it's time to add to my MMI list!
So.... I put together this writing prompt book.

It's a half book style book however it can be used for so much more.
You can easily just make one and use it for whole class writing prompts.
Or you can do like I do, and put together a few of them for the writing center. 

There are 180 prompts in this book with a variety of writing ideas. 
Topics include: narrative, opinion, persuasive, story starters character education prompts
 and story titles for them to use. 

Excited your kids who can't come up with anything to write about! 
Now there won't be an excuse!

For Example: 

Click any picture to take you to my product!

Have a great week! I can't wait to see what everyone made!

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  1. I love those letters! You could add a simple ribbon around them to add a little dimension. Or maybe if you had like solid color buttons, they might work better than the patterned ones (although those are absolutely adorable). I just wish listed your Writing Prompt Book. Plan to buy that during the big sale on Wednesday! I am going to start a whole class writing time this year and need some more prompts... this will be perfect!!

    Funky in Fourth


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