Friday, August 1, 2014

What??? Where's July? Currently August....

Wow wow wow wow... can I say that anymore? Seriously July is like the fastest month ever! I just can't even believe that it is August right now.  I'm linking up with Farley and her Currently linky for the month of August, and I feel like I just did one for July!  I just love seeing what everyone is up to right now, especially with school just around the corner. Be sure to stop by her blog to link up or check in on what everyone has going on. 

Listening:  NOTHING!  It's kinda late... in fact pretty close to  pasts my bedtime folks... so the house is silent and still.  The baby is out, the dog is out, and the hubby is out! I've found that my best time for blogging is at night before bed so I'm not interrupted, however tonight I'm barely keeping the lids open! :)

Loving:  The hubby and I are going out tomorrow night for the first time since Hudson was born.  We are going to a wedding! I'm so excited.  We've had a great summer together with the baby, but haven't really had many opportunities to get out the two of us together.  I'm really looking forward to dressing up and heading out for some adult time. 

Thinking- I'm a bit behind this year.... I haven't been to school other than the last week since Hudson was born on April 18th.  I usually have my room ready to go this year and I haven't even been in to start.  I even want to change my classroom decor/theme this year... I better get my to-do list going and start checking things off... or it won't happen!

Wanting- This summer with the "Monday Made It' linky I have gotten a lot of really great ideas of things that I can craft or make.... however finding the time with a new baby hasn't been easy. I love to craft and create things. It's like my therapy.  I really want to find special time to just do that. 

Needing- A mani! I got my hair done and a pedi this week for the first time since the baby and it felt amazing! I didn't have time for my fingers to get done.  I've got my first set of Jamberry nails on the way... I can't wait! I love fresh nails. :)

First day Me:  Monday August 25
First Day Kids: Tuesday September 2

I still have some time before I head back... thank goodness or else I would be in serious trouble.  We have a new calendar this year as well.  We will go from Labor Day to Memorial Day essentially by adding 15 extra minutes to our school day. I am so excited about that.  Just a little nervous for how to squeeze everything in.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I enjoyed reading your August post. Have fun on your first night out! That is really interesting that you don't start until after Labor day, but you are finished by Memorial day. That sounds like an awesome school schedule!! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Have a great school year!

    Ms. King's Kinders

  2. Aww, have a great time on your date!!! Good luck on your room! I love that school schedule!

    Stacia's Scoop

  3. I haven't been in to school to start working in my room yet either. I'm hoping to maybe go in Wednesday afternoon so I can go to the PTO meeting after. (It's really hard to stay late to attend during the school year.) I hope you and Jeremy had fun on your date night!!

    See you Tuesday!

  4. Hope you had a fun date! I have pinned so many made it's and have a to do list that's a mile long. We go back on Thursday and the kids start the 18th so some of it will have to be put on hold! Why does summer always fly by so fast?

    Swinging for Success
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