Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Creativity- Teacher Toolbox, Product Updates and Gifts **FREEBIE ALERT!

Happy Monday! I'm excited to link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It today!  I've got several things to share that I'm really excited about. Happy Monday everyone! 

Teacher Toolbox:
I know you've seen a hundred million of these. 
I have too, which is why I wanted one. 
I found this great toolbox at Home Depot for $12. 
It's not the typical looking one, as it's taller vs. wider, 
but I think it turned out great. 

I spray painted it a blue color
and added labels made from Jameson at

Product Update:

I had some time this last weekend
and decided to do some updates to a few products
in my TpT store

The first one I made was Vocabulary Boxes.

Some examples of activities students will do with new words are they will look up a word in the dictionary, tell the definition in their own words, 
write their word in a sentence, 
illustrate their word, 
or make a list of synonyms or antonyms for their word. 

I kept the template the same,  and also simple but made variations
of the sheet to offer some choice and differentiation to the mix. 
Check it out... You can have it for FREE tonight. 

IF you do download it, I would really appreciate you leaving feedback on it. 

Product Update 2:

The second product I updated were my 

I did something similar to the vocabulary boxes, 
in that I made a few variations of the sheets for choice
and differentiation. 

The basics are, you give a number to be put in the middle 
and then students do different things with that number for the day. 
They add to it, subtract from it, draw it, create story problems, count by 5's or 10's from it, etc. 

I hope you can use it!

You may also download tonight for FREE! 

IF you do, please be a friend and leave some feedback!!

My last Monday Made It
is actually from last week. 
I made some letters for my teammates 
for the new school year. 

I liked how they turned out but needed a little something more.
I was out of ideas. My blogger Friend, Cassie
from Funky in Fourth helped me out and suggested that
I add some ribbon to them. 

I think they turned out great. So I thought I would share them again. 
To see the original post, head here

Have a happy week!

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