Monday, November 3, 2014

Currently Late to the Party--- November Already?

Oh Happy Monday!
Oh Happy November!
Last month I seriously was one of the top ten to post on Farley's Currently....
Today, I'll be one of the last....
Last I saw there were over 250! 
Interesting how that works our sometimes, isn't it??

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Listening- NOTHING!  The baby has been down since 7:30 and the hubby since about 7:31... I'm just listing to a whole lot of nothing, and loving it!

Loving-  We 'fell back' this weekend in Wisconsin and I love the fact that I can now drive to work with a beautiful sunrise. It's hard to drive home while it's setting very quickly but Fall is one of my most favorite times of year.  I'm just loving the crisp weather and the falling leaves. 

Thinking- We got new report cards this year. I don't know about you guys but change is hard for me and I'm avoiding them like the plague!! Seriously..... I just can't get myself to log in and just get it done.  Motivation NEEDED!

Wanting- I feel like even though I've only been in school for 2 months, a mental health or vacation day would work a whole lot of wonders for me right now.  It's amazing how one day can do that for you!  I am anxious just thinking about the next 6 weeks or so and how much I have crammed into them.  Ahhh...breathe!

Needing- I know I said we fell back and got an extra hour earlier and I loved it... so because of that I just want a few more extra hours to feel caught up!  It felt so great being productive at home on Sunday!  I'd like to take that to the classroom. 

Reading- Honestly the only thing that I'm reading right now is my class read aloud: Justin Case.  I've written about it a few times before, but I'm absolutely in love with this book! 

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Have a happy week all! :) 


  1. I could use a vacation day too!! Doesn't it seem like the kiddos can pick up on that need and seem to push the boundaries in the classroom? I have to tell myself "breathe, it's almost Thanksgiving." I am totally with you on the report cards. I need to get going on those as well! I hope it all slows down for you soon:)

    Have a good one!

  2. I believe cliches like "Silence can be golden" become cliches for a reason! And, I like to think that we're just "fashionably late" to the linky party : )

    Good luck with the report cards and enjoy the rest of the week!
    : ) Renee

  3. I'm procrastinating with my reports too. Every time I say I will start early but I never do. We have 5 weeks until our summer holidays here in New Zealand and I am hanging out for them. Your class book looks like a good read - might have to check it out for my class next year. 😃


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