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A Peek at My Week 9-1-14

Hello There and Happy (sun) Monday..... 
I am a little late, but school hasn't started yet so in my world that means that I'm right on time. 
I'm gearing up for my first day of school this week and want to link up with...
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There it is.
The first week!
I know that I have way too much planned.
I always do that. 
Here's my plan.

Reading/LA- The first couple of days we're going to be working on some small projects so I can get an idea of where the kids are coming in at. We'll be doing some writing and reading and trying to have fun. One of the first things we will create are All About Me posters.  As the week goes on and we finish that, my plan is to dive into some of my new purchases from the TpT sale.  I'm going to use a popular Mentor Text for some basic reading and writing activities. I know you've heard of it!

Click here to find on Amazon

The plan is to use this book for much reading and writing through the week thanks to Ms. Jivey's awesome complete pack of reading and writing units. Click the picture to go to her store!

What I'm most excited about is that I also have a mentor text unit and an interactive reading notebook unit for this same book thanks to Jessica.  So this first week of planning was not hard for me at all! I'm so thankful for that especially because I don't know where my kiddos are yet. 

Writing: In writing, along with the story activities from above we will be starting our 3rd grade memory books this week. The first entry is a picture from the first day of school. I love this first entry because the kids are so excited about it and they are really wanting to show me all that they can do when it comes to writing. I give the least direction with this entry to get an idea of where they are coming in at, and I am usually surprised as to all that they share!

Math- This week I'm going to do some review activities. I have a telling time scavenger hunt where I put clocks around the room and they have to read the time. I strategically place the clocks next to important parts of the room so then we can talk about them, like the mailboxes or the extra supplies, etc. There are also mystery letters with each clock so as they complete the hunt, the letters spell out a new word. I haven't updated it yet for this year (YIKES I'm running out of time) so I don't know what my mystery word will be this year yet. We're also going to spend some time doing some basic math centers that I put together to get our math brains going. Again, it's great to see where the kids are coming in at and also have them 'playing games' while they are showing me! I'm just sad, because I don't know if I can get my hands on some iPads so they can use the version that I made with QR codes. They always love those!

Read Aloud- I always start the year with a fun read aloud. This year will be no different. I plan on putting together some activities for this book this year, so stay tuned for that. This week I will be doing a lot of reading of Justin Case: School Drool and Other Daily Disasters.  

I know I've talked about Justin before but if you aren't familiar I really suggest you check it out. It's a 3 book series, but I usually only read the first on to my kids. Maybe I'll do it differently this year. Justin is starting 3rd grade and he is a nervous little guy who is scared of almost everything, including his dog that he begged for. The story just takes you through his third grade journey and how he morphed to a strong, confident, only sometimes scared 3rd grader. 

Oh my goodness---- this post got very long winded, and I do apologize for that. I'm going to stop there even though I had some other things to share. Let's just save them for next week, considering I'm sure I have way too much planned anyways!!!  Hope you all have a great week. 

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  1. Have a great first week Ana! I can't wait to hear how the better than basal set works for you! Thinking of picking that up.

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