Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm becoming a Techy.... :) {A Peek at my Week}

Happy Sunday! 
I'm late to the the party, but I still have some time to link up with my friend Jennifer, from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her weekly linky 'A Peek at my Week'.  

I usually link up during the school year, but with it being summer, I really haven't had much going on other than the typical new mom 'stuff' I haven't really linked up much.

 I'm looking forward to this next week with some professional development on the docket, so I'm happy to be linking up today!!!

I'm taking an advanced google training course this next week and I'm super excited for it.  

We're going 1:1 this next year with chromebooks, so this class hopefully will help direct me with some pointers to get started with them.

 I have to say I'm a lot bit nervous for this big jump....but also excited! I'm hopeful that we will have a good implementation year, and I plan to do a lot of reflection and blogging about the process for our school and my classroom of third graders. 

Change is hard for everyone involved...I'm trying to have an open mind and embrace it!

 I hope my students do too.


Have any of your gone 1:1 or close to it? 
I'd love to hear some basic advice on what you think is important for me to know before we get started. What would you have wanted someone to share with you??  
 I am all ears! 

Also, please go ahead and check out my friend Mrs. Spangler's blog
She's sporting a fancy new blog design as she celebrates a wingding of a BLOGIVESARY! 

 She's having a big giveaway to celebrate. There's something for everyone! 

Be sure to stop by and wish her a happy year ahead on her blog!

Have a great week. 
I'm off to bed...setting an alarm clock for tomorrow also
scares me!!!  EEEK!


  1. I took the basic Google training a few weeks ago and walked away with some really good ideas. I hope you'll share some of those 'advanced' ideas with me! Have fun!!


  2. We just got Chromebooks last year - but not 1:1. We did some training at the board level but I would love to hear more about the Google training you take - just try not to be overwhelmed - that is my advice. There are so many apps and add-ons and things to try that sometimes it becomes overwhelming.

  3. I going 1:1next year too! But with iPads!

  4. I will have 4-5 Chromebooks in my classroom this year. I can't wait to hear about any tips and tricks you have for using them in the classroom.

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